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Tiffany and Co inspires student to Top in the World

Congratulations to Year 11 student Henyang Li (Leo) who came Top in the World in IGCSE Design & Technology in the most recent Cambridge exams.


Leo’s final course work was the design and development of a jewellery package for the brand Tiffany & Co.

Although he doesn’t own anything from Tiffany’s himself – “too expensive!” – when he researched famous names in jewellery design brands he was inspired by the iconic company’s turquoise colour scheme and silverware.

The result is a 30-page portfolio documenting his comprehensive working process, and a final prototype of the packaging.

Design & Technology teacher Cecelia Faumuina Khakh said Leo was an amazing student.

“I am super proud of him and know he deserves that award more than anyone else. At the beginning of the year, although he was in the top group of students in the class, he still had some work to do. This result has shown just how much work he put in.”

She said he was an innovative student with attention to detail who wasn’t afraid to ask questions and push boundaries with his design.

“Leo is persistent and a perfectionist. He works hard for the results he wants; when others have given up or are content with what they have, Leo still strives that little bit harder.”

Outside the classroom, Leo is involved in almost every aspect of school life: rock band, school production, basketball, swimming sports, athletics, making props for House competitions, Battle of the Bands, Talent Quest and charity events. He is also a 1st Dan black belt.

Eventually he aims to undertake a degree in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, London.