Lunch and nutrition for better learning

Good nutrition is a vital ingredient for optimum learning, and ACG Sunderland provides an appetising range of healthy lunch options to help students stay alert and focussed in the classroom.

Bring or buy lunch

At ACG Sunderland we know that with good nutrition, students will be more attentive in class, and we strive to provide nutritious lunches, based around the Ministry of Health’s Healthy Eating Guidelines, which include:

E – Everyday choice
S – Sometimes choice
O – Occasional choice

Students have the option of bringing their own lunch or buying it at the school cafe.

If you would like to purchase lunch for your child from our school cafe, please follow the steps below.

  1. Register at and login
  2. Add your child’s information (name, school & room number)
  3. Top up your Lunch Orders account
  4. Choose a main item from our Eat Smart menu and order

You can visit for more information on the registering process and how to order.

As always, school rules and expectations will remain in place and food/hot drinks must be eaten at morning tea and lunch times (not bought in classrooms).  The cafe hours are 7.45am to 2.00pm

Year 12 and 13 students can leave the school at lunchtime and buy lunch elsewhere if they would prefer.