Care and wellbeing for your child

The welfare and care of our students is paramount. Our students receive individual care and support, both inside the classroom and within the wider school community.


All students in the ACG Sunderland Preschool are supported by qualified staff.

We work closely with the Ministry of Health to ensure all our children are ready to transition comfortably to primary school, and provide additional support, such as speech language therapy, early intervention or occupational therapy, if required.

Primary School

All new students to ACG Sunderland are allocated a buddy for their first weeks of school to help introduce them to their new school.

Primary school classes meet regularly with their buddy class to foster positive relationships between children of different ages, and to highlight school values.

For students with specific learning issues, extra support is available through the services of a teacher aide. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are also prepared.

Introducing School TV!

Bridging the gap between schools, families and students.

It’s never been more challenging for parents to raise happy, healthy and resilient children. The SchoolTV platform provides schools with an extensive range of wellbeing resources for parents, so they can work together in partnership to ensure better wellbeing for all students.

We are pleased to be able to offer this valuable resource to our ACG Sunderland families.

Click here to check out the available resources.


Continuity of care

Our vertical form classes are made
up of students representing Years 8–13, who are all in the same house. Each class has a form teacher who stays with the class for six years, ensuring continuity of care.


School Deans have overall responsibility for
student welfare and academic progress. The college has dedicated Deans for Lower College, Upper College and for international students.

Learning support

If a student has learning issues, we
provide extra support through the college’s learning support department. Individual Education Plans (IEPs) are also used, along with support for examinations.

Planned parent/teacher interviews are organised twice a year.

Parents are also encouraged to make a meeting time after school with their child’s teacher and discuss any issues they may have.

Every child at ACG Sunderland has an allocated Tutor to provide pastoral care, support learning, and deal with any personal issues that should arise. The Tutor stays in close contact with you and your child throughout the year.

At primary level, the tutor is the home room teacher. Year 7 has horizontal form classes to assist with the transition to college. From Year 8, students move into vertical form classes with the same form tutor for six years. Within these vertical form classes, the mix of ages allows for peer tutoring and mentoring.

As part of our tutor system we run a general studies course that covers topics such as bullying, cyber safety, study skills and accepting differences. This course is integrated with the ACG Sunderland values programme.

Our school offers the Kids at School Care programme, providing before-school, after-school and holiday care. Care is provided as part of a safe, stimulating and fun programme that meets the developmental,  emotional, intellectual and physical needs of the children.