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A word from our parents

ACG schools are open for learning, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the overwhelmingly positive feedback parents continue to share about our interactive virtual school environment. The success of these online learning platforms is a testament not only to our schools and teaching staff, but also to our ACG students and their families.
A word from our parents

Our students have quickly and easily adapted to digital classrooms and are enjoying this new style of school day as their studies proceed at pace.

Our parents are delighted that their children’s education is continuing without interruption. Any concerns they may have had about the burdens of home-schooling or the delays in implementing our online programmes were quickly alleviated when they saw the speed and efficiency with which our remote learning framework was put in place.

Parents have expressed their confidence and appreciation for all ACG schools on our various social media sites and we are truly grateful for both their favourable comments and their ongoing support in these unprecedented times.

ACG Sunderland
“Was a great first day. Well done everyone.” – Liz C.

“Amber is loving home school and I am so proud of how she has just transitioned. Thank you ACG.” – Lisa C.

“The online learning is keeping the kids busy and interested the whole day. Great lessons. Well done teachers.” – Roma K.

“All the preschool teachers are doing their best and we can see the improvement everyday! Thank you!” – Cindy C.

“Thank you so much for all your efforts! Shriya loved connecting with her teachers and friends online - a sense of routine and structure goes a long way at these times.” – Amrutha M.

“Thank you so much for all your efforts in making the online classes successful.” – Katie K.

ACG Parnell College
“Really impressed with how you have been able to get this up and running so quickly, thanks to everyone at ACG for the amazing response.” – Yvonne V.

“We have been blown away by how great it has been for our two kids in the college. They have routine, structure, continued learning and social interaction with their peers. It has made lock down far less daunting with both my wife and me working from home too.” – Alan S.

“Great set up, awesome work, thanks ACG.” – Miriam J.

“Well done staff and teachers. Thanks for getting this in place. It's great to have the kids having their lessons while the adults both are working. Fantastic that teachers are available.” – Sajal R.

“An Exceptional learning experience has been created for our children by ACG Parnell. Thank you very much for your hard work to the wonderful teachers there.” – Georgina R.

“It’s been awesome. Well done guys!” – Jo M.

ACG Strathallan
“What a great first day! A big thank you and good luck to the teachers and staff as they transition to doing this from their own homes with their families. This is keeping things normal for our kids and is much appreciated!!” - Kristi W.

“It was great for the whole family. Happy busy children in contact with friends and learning. Thank you. Great job! It's a major relief for mother's and all caregivers.” – Rachael B.

“It went really well! It meant I could work while Jack was learning – Thankyou” – Melanie K.

“This is absolutely fabulous!! I can’t thank all the teachers enough for your dedication to education!! This gives our day focus, purpose, interaction, socialisation and structure!! Thank You.” – Carmel P.

“Fantastic experience for the kids. I'm very impressed at how well it all came together. Thanks for everything you all do!” – Kirsten R.

“Thank you. Our teachers have been amazing. I love how you keep the kids upbeat and excited about doing their work. Well done!” – Toni L.

ACG Tauranga
“Well done ACG staff, implementing online school has made this transition to lockdown a lot easier!” – Sue D.

“Thanks to all the ACG teachers for running classes remotely during these isolation times. And thanks to Thea for her management and leadership in setting this up in anticipation and ready to go from day 1.” – Subha C.

“Awesome team ACG! We’re so impressed. Kids are loving it. And keeping their routine is good for mental health. Love your work. Thank you from our family.” – Agnès L.

“Thank you so much to all these amazing teachers. So well prepared and ready to go as soon as isolation began. Once again we are reminded of why we chose this wonderful school for our daughter.” – Raechel T.

“ACG home learning is amazing. Connor and Isla are completely committed to the process and are happy to continue lessons online at home. I love that the school routine continues and they have daily interaction with their friends from school and their awesome teachers. Well done ACG.” – Sara G.

“So far the work and study from home experience has been phenomenal! So grateful to everyone who has made it such a success.” – Deeanah W.