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Welcome to our Early Learning School

Currently in the process of enrolling a bevy of ACG's youngest students, Centre Manager Sue Revill, was thrilled to be involved in the development of Sunderland's new Early Learning School.
Welcome to our Early Learning School

As Centre Manager for ACG Sunderland's soon-to-open Early Learning School, Sue Revill is looking forward to the excitement of welcoming everyone to this new, custom-designed facility.

The 2022 opening of ACG Sunderland Early Learning School (ELS) will be a calendar highlight for Sue and her expert team of early childhood educators, and they are counting the days until the official move to the new building. With three bright and spacious indoor zones for different age groups and a phenomenal outdoor space that can be utilised year-round, the highly anticipated centre will shortly be inviting families to visit and become a part of the ACG community. 

"We are most excited to welcome lots of bright and excited young learners," says Sue. "We want to share our learning with children of different ages and stages. The Reggio Emilia inspired building is beautiful and stocked with brand new state of the art resources and activities for the children to discover."

As children begin to investigate and explore the world, the aspects and elements of their physical environment become incredibly important. So combining our warm and nurturing atmosphere with a world-class Reggio-inspired setting, dynamic, fun-filled spaces and quiet areas for reading and rest will see our ACG preschoolers continue to flourish and grow.

ACG Sunderland's early childhood education programme promotes an inquiry and play-based learning approach that allows even our youngest students to extend their abilities across cognitive, social and emotional contexts, helping them make sense of the wider world. Through play and investigation, children are encouraged to reach their full potential while acquiring a lifelong passion for learning.

"Play is vital to children's development," confirms Sue. "When combined with structured and spontaneous activities, play fosters the growth of competent and confident individuals. That's another reason why our Reggio-inspired programme will be so effective – it encourages children to extend their play into all aspects of life, and the new building will provide an additional extension for this.

"Our outdoor space is a huge asset. And because of the covered decks, large umbrellas, safety mats and artificial turf, our older children will be able to use the outside playground in most weathers. Plus, our infants have a purpose-built area for themselves so that they can experience sand and water play, along with safe movement areas and quiet spaces for rest.

"Additionally, our School Readiness programme will also benefit from the extra space as our young learners investigate, question, and collaborate within our early literacy and numeracy programmes. This pathway is particularly important to our families, who like their children to be ready and off to a flying start when they turn five. Parents whose children enter the ACG Sunderland Primary appreciate this style of peer bonding as well because youngsters have a ready-made group of friends around them as they transition to school."

With children firmly at the heart of all that we do, one thing that will not change within the new ELS premises is the same high level of personalised care and attention our young learners receive.

"Our children thrive in our warm and nurturing atmosphere, and thoughtful care and support that are put into place for all new enrolments to ensure they easily transition to our ELS. With our excellent teacher to student ratios, our young learners receive a high level of attention, both individually and as part of a group of like-minded friends. And while still participating in our age-appropriate academic programmes, our children have the opportunity to interact and enjoy themselves with preschoolers of different ages as they build their friendship groups."

Given the success of ACG Sunderland's current ELS, this new facility will undoubtedly enhance the already outstanding early childhood programmes and make certain all our young charges are off to the best possible start.

If you would like to enrol your child at ACG Sunderland ELS or for more information about the centre, please contact our admissions team at