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Taking on the world one race at a time

For ACG Sunderland alumnus, Bond Roby, representing New Zealand in the upcoming Rotax® MAX Challenge™ Grand Finals (RMCGF) at the Circuito Internazionale di Napoli in Sarno, Italy is the realisation of a dream.
Bond Roby Karting

Beginning his career in competitive go karting in 2016, Bond’s ultimate focus has always been to race against the world’s best. He secured his opportunity to do so by winning the NZ Rotax® MAX Challenge™ DD2, two speed shifter class, at Hampton Downs in September.

“Ever since day one, my goal has been to attend the world finals” Bond says. “This is my third year attempting to qualify and it is definitely the highest point in my career so far. Being able to represent my country in something I love, with so many talented people, is such a big honour.”

This unique kart racing competition has been growing rapidly since its inaugural year in 2000 with 15,000 racers participating globally in national or international events to qualify for the RMCGF. In 2019, the invitational final will see 360 racers from over 60 countries competing.

Running from 19th to 26th of October, the format is based on a "one-make-engine" formula, as the same chassis, tyres and Rotax® engines are used in each racing class. This means that each participant has an equal chance of winning.

“At the world finals everyone has exactly the same equipment, meaning it’s based solely on the driver’s skill. Although this is intimidating, it is really exciting to have everyone on the same level” Bond explains.

After the RMCGF in Italy, Bond will then head to the biggest karting event in America, racing at the SuperKarts USA (SKUSA) super-nationals in Las Vegas this November.

As to what the future holds, Bond is open to all possibilities in the karting world and is also planning to undertake a music production course at MAINZ University next year.

“What comes after SKUSA will depend on our schedule for next year” he explains. “I have never had any expectations in terms of motorsport. That’s mostly due to the unpredictable nature of the sport and the low chances and high costs of making it as a professional. I just want to go as far as possible and continue to have fun whilst doing it.”

Bond concludes by sharing some valuable advice he has acquired from the racetrack. “The most important lesson that karting has taught me is that everything is unpredictable and all you can do is your best in the moment. Sometimes, during a race, things are out of your control and all you can do is give it your all. The same goes for life.”

Image supplied by Emilee Jane Photography