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Robust 2021 Cambridge results are particularly meaningful

ACG Schools is incredibly proud of their reputation for excellence in academic achievement, offering the Cambridge International curriculum across all their New Zealand schools.
ACG Sunderland students continue to thrive across the Cambridge International curriculum

In 2021, numerous college students across Auckland experienced compassionate marking protocols in their end-of-year assessments, but not students at ACG Sunderland. As a Cambridge International curriculum school, the grades awarded to our senior cohorts were based on rigorous worldwide testing and reflect real results. And thanks to their hard work and commitment, our students performed brilliantly against their peers in the global arena.

While the NCEA syllabus saw a reduction in usual credit and endorsement requirements due to Covid-19 restrictions and extended school closures, ACG Sunderland students, who learn through the Cambridge curriculum, were competing against the rest of the world without allowances for lockdowns. By meeting – and exceeding – these exacting standards, they are empowered with an excellent basis for further study and incredibly well placed for the future. 

IGCSE success (Year 11 programme)

  • 91% pass rate
  • 47% of our Year 11 IGCSE papers earned A* and A grades (80% or better)
  • Additionally, Cedric Siriwardana was recognised as Top in the World for IGCSE Design & Technology

AS-Level success (the initial stage of senior student study)

  • 92% pass rate
  • 28% of papers received A grades

A2-Level success (final stage of senior student study)

  • 100% pass rate
  • 100% University Entrance pass rate
  • 39% of papers received A* or A grades 

ACG Sunderland Principal and Chair of the Association of Cambridge Schools in New Zealand, Nathan Villars, believes these results are testament to the vision and values of ACG Sunderland.

"As Principal and perhaps more importantly as a parent, last year I witnessed first-hand that with dedicated teachers and a work ethic nurtured from the soul of our school, students were able to carve out some of the very best results ever recorded at Sunderland. I could not have been prouder of the entire community."

Recognised for setting a global standard in education, the Cambridge curriculum establishes clear learning objectives and focuses on developing knowledge and skills in all subjects. It delivers a structured approach to teaching crucial numeracy and literacy skills and values disciplinary subject knowledge to build a strong foundation for every student as they progress through school. Additionally, students acquire an array of learning competencies such as problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Although some perceive Cambridge to be only for highly academic students, in reality, it is a flexible and adaptable curriculum easily tailored to all levels of academic ability. With a wide range of subjects (from chemistry and computer science to music and performing arts), students benefit from enriching experiences and learning opportunities that help them reach their potential.

For Principal Villars, the robust curriculum offers invaluable "structure, heritage and transportability".

"Cambridge is much broader than many national curriculums. Students enjoy using knowledge and content to build understanding rather than learning foundations built on skills alone," he says. "Not only are Cambridge students problem solvers and critical thinkers, but their subject knowledge and understanding of real content make them very prepared to take on post-secondary study.

"Students can be confident the Cambridge curriculum will prepare them well for the future and that their qualifications will be understood and valued throughout their education and career, in both New Zealand and internationally."

Taught in over 10,000 schools across 160 countries, the Cambridge curriculum has been delivered at ACG Schools since 2003, giving New Zealand students the choice of including an international qualification in their schooling.

ACG Sunderland Principal, Nathan Villars