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Ray Chung – the eternal optimist

ACG Sunderland’s Ray Chung is a ‘glass half full’ type of student. In fact, he’s such a big fan of positive thinking that he wrote a speech about it for this year’s Year 5 and 6 speech competition. Better still, he won!

Student Ray Chung

“I chose to do my speech on positive thinking because when I think positively about things, they always seem to go right, but when I think negatively things start getting difficult,” says Ray.

“I was keen to do some research about the power of positive thinking, so it seemed like a good topic to tackle for my speech. I hope that it has inspired people to think more positively.”

Originally from South Korea, the optimistic 10-year-old started at ACG Sunderland as an international student in 2019. Not surprisingly, he loves it.

“I enjoy playing with my friends and learning new things the most. My favourite subject is sport because it is interesting and challenging.”

So far during his time at the school, Ray has played basketball, badminton, hockey and floorball. He has also won a number of notable accolades – including academic honours and citizenship awards – and has been both a class captain and a house captain.

But for the energetic Year 6 student, the biggest highlight so far has been, “Meeting the best teachers and awesome and kind friends who I will never forget.”