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Raphael lives the ACG Sunderland values

He has only just started school, but already Raphael Jin is living the ACG Sunderland values, excited to enjoy the wide range of activities and opportunities on offer.

Student Raphael Jin

The super-positive 5-year-old relishes all aspects of school life, from computer science classes and visiting the library, to spending time with his teacher Rebekah Waters.

“I like playing with my brother, helping my teachers, and playing with my teachers. I like doing everything at school,” says Raphael, who is originally from China.

An aspiring basketball player, some of his favourite moments are spent on the court.

“I like practicing basketball, especially pushing the ball and throwing it into the hoop. When Mr Baker [Sunderland’s Sports Coordinator] looks at us we have to stop, and when he doesn’t look at us we catch the ball. It is so fun. I know how to spell fun. F U N.”

According to his teacher Rebekah, Raphael is a ray of sunshine and an absolute delight to have in class.

“Raphael is an enthusiastic, caring and vibrant student. He brings a huge smile to school every day and displays the Sunderland values in his actions and attitude,” she says.

Understandably, Rebekah will be sad to say goodbye to Raphael in a few weeks’ time, but there’s no doubt he is ready to embark on all the adventures Year 1 at ACG Sunderland will bring.

When asked what he is looking forward to most about returning to school in 2021 Raphael says, “I am looking forward to learning about more New Zealand coins and I want to look outside for butterflies at lunchtime. I think I am going to be in Mrs Butler’s class.”



Raphael has eagerly embraced the six key values taught and lived at ACG Sunderland:

Respect Loyalty
Confidence Service
Enthusiasm Determination