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Planning for a successful future beyond school

At ACG Schools we firmly believe in preparing our students for success, happiness and fulfilment in their lives beyond our classrooms. For many students, those immediate next stages are university followed by employment.

Each ACG School assists students by providing them with timely, expert and customised advice. In collaboration with students and their family, we focus on finding the “best fit” to connect the right universities with the right students, to ensure they receive the most from their tertiary education.

As a member of Inspired, we are also able to draw on the global expertise they can provide from over 64 schools with 45,000 students worldwide. One example of our group strength is the recent London based appointment of Director of University Admissions and Careers, Mahtab Hanjani, who will lead and co-ordinate the work of all our schools’ university and career counsellors. In this way, we ensure that each student in each school will have access to the most up-to-date shared knowledge regarding admission to the different faculties in all top-ranked universities and other favoured higher education destinations globally.

Ms. Hanjani has been an educational advisor for the past ten years, coaching students and their families on optimal ways to navigate the college admission process. Her passion for education led her to set up a consulting firm with a mission to recommend “best fit” universities to clients through a carefully balanced and comprehensive approach. Her extensive knowledge of the culture and ethos of the top global universities has enabled her to offer valuable advice to international students. Through tailor-made strategies, she has helped applicants reach their potential and succeed in gaining admissions to the best universities available to them, whether these are highly coveted Ivy League universities, other world-renowned liberal arts colleges, or institutions with specialist reputations to help fulfil highly developed ambitions and interests.

Partnership with Crimson Education
In addition, and in order to strengthen our provision further, Inspired is now a premier strategic partner of Crimson Education, a company dedicated to helping students succeed in entering a top university of their choice – in the US, the UK and worldwide. With a specialist team of university application experts based in major cities around the world, leadership mentors and academic tutors, Crimson provides a personalised and customised service to complement the advice that each Inspired student receives at school.

This is an exciting prospect and we look forward to helping our students make the most of this partnership opportunity. Initially, each student will receive the Crimson App which sets out the milestones, guidance and resources on the road to successful university admission and has access to Crimson’s extensive university information databases. Crimson’s specialists will also visit our schools in 2020 to make presentations to students, their parents and school staff, providing insights to enable each student to present as a stand-out applicant for their university of choice. Students who wish to retain Crimson for further on-going individualised support can then benefit from preferential rates due to the partnership with Inspired.