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Music to her ears

She’s a singer, a songwriter, and plays four instruments. At just 13 years of age, ACG Sunderland’s Khushi Thakar has a bright musical future ahead of her.


“I’ve been writing original songs and making music for a while now, and I’m looking forward to performing as an individual artist,” says Khushi, winner of the school’s 2020 Ward Family Music Trophy.

Khushi’s musical journey began relatively recently. She started teaching herself bass guitar around 18 months ago, began singing and playing the drums a year ago, and picked up the guitar and saxophone late last year.

“Music has never been in my family – we’re more of a maths and science type family. But I just love it. When I’m drumming, I like the loudness of it and just going all out, and when I’m playing guitar and bass, I enjoy strumming and honing my techniques. Meanwhile, the saxophone has this classy yet jazzy feel which I love. And I also enjoy expressing myself when I sing through different song choices.”

Given Khushi’s newly discovered melodious interests, it’s fortunate that ACG Sunderland’s outstanding music programme offers the talented teen a wide range of exciting options.

“Last year, I got to compete in the Battle of the Bands competition with my band Galactic Frames, and this year I’m in three different school bands. I’m a singer in one, play drums in another and play the saxophone in another!

“The music programme at ACG is always expanding, and it’s amazing. The teachers are all so supportive of what you do, and there are lots of opportunities including Battle of the Bands, a talent show, the Smokefree Rockquest, and an itinerant music concert.”

With so many channels available to develop her skills, Khushi will be right on track to achieve her goals for 2021, including performing an original song at this year’s Smokefree Rockquest.


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