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Mia makes her mark

For outstanding role model Mia Shankar, her leadership duties at ACG Sunderland have not only helped her to find her own voice but allowed her to become the voice of the student body. As 2022 Head Girl, Mia's focus has centred around culture, communication, confidence, and setting an exceptional example to our younger cohorts.
ACG Sunderland Head Girl Arundhati (Mia) Shankar

ACG Sunderland Head Girl Arundhati (Mia) Shankar has ambitious plans for the remainder of 2022.

From strengthening House culture and giving her fellow students a voice to enhancing the school experience for ACG’s youngest and newest pupils – Mia’s goals are firmly focused on ensuring life at Sunderland continues to be rich, rewarding and unforgettable.

“As an advocate for the student body, one of my main responsibilities is to make sure everyone feels heard and valued,” she explains. “I want to help the leadership team reach their full potential and ensure that every student feels welcome when they step through our gates.

“By growing our House culture and getting everyone involved, students will feel like they’re part of a community and have a strong sense of belonging. This will help students – especially those who are newer to the school – realise they have a support system around them.”

Setting a good example for ACG Sunderland’s younger cohorts is also top of Mia’s priority list.

“Working in our Kids at School care programme has been one of my ACG highlights. I’ve always gravitated towards working with younger children, so I’m delighted to have the chance to interact with them more often in my role as Head Girl.”

A student at ACG Sunderland since Year 7, Mia has loved her time at the school and feels “privileged” to have been chosen to lead alongside Head Boy Anshul Sharma.

“It means a great deal as it’s something that requires a lot of trust from the teachers. I’m grateful they have the confidence in me to lead the team.”

And while her younger self never imagined she’d become Head Girl, as Mia moved up through the school, she was surrounded with opportunities to hone her leadership skills. An Associate Leader in Year 10 and Co-leader of the Ball Committee in Year 12 have been among her many triumphs.

“During my Lower College years, leadership was never a role I thought I’d take on as it seemed out of reach; however, I’ve come to realise how much I was missing out on. I’m glad to have been given this role to enjoy my last year of school to its highest potential.”

As well as using her position to motivate and inspire her fellow students, Mia believes being Head Girl will play a pivotal role in her own personal growth.

“I’m looking forward to developing my skills and becoming more confident in areas I struggle with, such as public speaking. I think the skills I develop this year will be ones I can draw on throughout my entire life. Being a leader has taught me so much about myself, my values, and how I interact with others.”

For those who have set their sights on becoming future leaders, Mia says the most important step centres on connection.

“Connect with people. Talk to older and younger students and talk to teachers. Showcase yourself as someone people can go to for help – people want leaders they can trust and talk to. Also, try and help other leaders. Even if it is not your duty to help, volunteering is a great way to be seen as a possible leader.”