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Meet science and mathematics teacher: Regine Menon

Experienced educator Regine Menon has shared her love of maths and science with a wide cross section of students.


Originally trained in Singapore, she spent over six years there teaching students from all socio-economic groups and across all learning abilities. Now Regine’s infectious enthusiasm for her subjects is providing inspiration for her classes of ACG Sunderland, where she teaches maths and science to our Year 7 to 9 students.

What values are most important to you in a school?
Integrity, respect, transparency, and professionalism.

What was it that attracted you to ACG Sunderland?
ACG Sunderland provides a curriculum I am used to teaching and I feel that it is a good match for me as I enjoy working in a fast paced, high energy, professional and supportive environment. Prior to joining ACG Sunderland, I’d heard that the school places a lot of emphasis on academic and character building. These to me are what is important in the formative years of future leaders of a country.

What is it that appeals most to you about teaching science and maths?
I enjoy it when my students respond in awe at the science behind natural phenomena and how things work. Being able to help them connect the dots to understand and appreciate science, and make learning more meaningful, is very rewarding.
I enjoy teaching maths because it is a subject that many think is hard, but it is not. It is a logic-based subject and is non-ambiguous. Which other subject makes you get into a trance doing puzzle after puzzle? I feel a sense of satisfaction and achievement when those students who struggle in maths eventually understand a concept with my help.

How do you connect with students to make science and maths fun?
I use real life examples and hands on experience as much as possible. Maths becomes more abstract at higher levels. Students will need to learn the basics before we can have some competitive games in the class. This helps them to learn to work under a time limit which is vital training for exams.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I enjoy the interaction with my students and seeing them improve.

If we could ask your past students to describe you in five words or less, what do you think they would say?
I have had students say that I am “caring, understanding, reasonable, have high expectations, and pushy”. I’d like to think the last one meant encouraging!

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?
I enjoy being around animals, sewing, hiking, and reading up on my next travel destination.

What advice do you give your students to take into the future?
Work smart, play hard. Consult a few knowledgeable and unbiased adults before making life changing choices. If unsure, take calculated risks. You have a long life ahead of you. Don’t be discouraged by mistakes. Just make sure you learn from them. They can lead you to something better. You will appreciate success a lot more when you have tasted failure.
Remember: “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”