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Meet Head Girl: Isha Takyar

Ensuring ACG Sunderland students feel heard is a top priority for Isha Takyar. In fact, the 2021 Head Girl believes it’s the most important aspect of her job.


“To me, my main responsibility is making sure that I am fairly representing the entire student body,” says Isha. “I’m here to make sure student voices are heard and the school culture continues to flourish – it’s such a fundamental part of being a student at ACG Sunderland.”

Approachable, understanding and empathic, Isha hopes that students of all year levels will feel confident to share their ideas and voice their concerns with her.

“While the name of the role might make me seem intimidating, I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable approaching me, no matter what it is about. It’s the little things that make a difference.”

Of course, many Sunderland students already know Isha well. She was Associate Leader for Findlay House in Year 10, has been a peer tutor ever since she started at the school, and for the last three years, an invaluable member of the Sports Council.

A talented netballer, Isha also coaches ACG Sunderland’s Primary netball teams and is an enthusiastic supporter of school events and activities. Outside of school she nurtures her passion for her local community as a member of the Whau Youth Board.

“I’m most passionate about doing things which give back to the community, whether that be volunteering locally or coaching netball. It makes me happy knowing that I have helped someone.”

By making the most of every opportunity, Isha has developed invaluable leadership skills that will set her up for life. And she says she has ACG Sunderland to thank for it.

“There are so many opportunities to get involved with leadership roles, whether it be a class captain or a member of the Sports Council. That is something which I have really appreciated about being at this school.

“Also, during my time here I’ve learnt to believe in myself and strive for the very best, and I completely owe that to my teachers. They have always supported me in every way they possibly could. There is always help available when you need it, whether it comes from your peers or your teachers.”

Now in her final year, Isha is excited to make her mark on the culture of ACG Sunderland and is enjoying working alongside likeminded students who share the same goals.

“I’m looking forward to the unknown experiences and life lessons this year will bring. Yes, the Head Girl role comes with big shoes to fill from previous years, but with the right mindset there is nothing which cannot be accomplished!”

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