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Meet Head Boy: Jack Feng

Inspiring leader, musical maestro, and a genuinely good guy. Since starting at ACG Sunderland six years ago, Jack Feng has come a long way.
Jack Feng

From a new immigrant with English as a second language to a mature Head Boy with outstanding leadership capabilities, Jack has embraced every opportunity the school has provided and achieved remarkable success in all that he’s set his mind to.

“I’ve really flourished at ACG and have always stayed true to the values ‘aspire, succeed, respect’,” says Jack. “Being selected as Head Boy for 2020 means so much to me as it is recognition of my journey at the school, and an invaluable opportunity to develop my leadership skills and play my part in growing the student culture.

“I’m here to ensure that all student voices are heard from Year 0 to 13, while also exploring the role of Sunderland students in the community, through the various charity and service activities run by our student leadership team.”

While Jack is the first to admit being Head Boy is not without its challenges, he says the rewards are great.

“We are constantly faced with tough decisions and difficult situations, trying to balance the interests of the student body, organisational logistics, and benefits to the school culture. But it is through these challenges that we become more effective leaders and build an invaluable bond with the leadership team. Juggling leadership responsibilities, academic commitments and all my extracurricular interests has also taught me a great deal about time management!”

A member of the school cricket team and previously a Primary soccer coach, Jack also snowboards, plays school basketball and soccer and is a qualified scuba diver. He is currently working towards his Duke of Edinburgh gold award, regularly volunteers at a local rest home and is a highly talented trombone player.

“I’ve been involved with multiple community concert bands, symphony orchestras and jazz bands in the six years I’ve been in New Zealand. I played the trombone in the West City Concert Band and we won gold at the National Concert Band Festival.

“I love the rich music culture at ACG Sunderland, from the annual Battle of the Bands competition to the jazz band and string group. I’ve been deeply involved in every opportunity available because to me, music is like a friend who speaks the language of the heart – it’s sincere and inspiring.”

The driven teen has also received numerous academic awards and believes the Cambridge curriculum has opened up a world of opportunities and international university choices, including the chance to study medicine in the UK or Australia. Wherever he ends up, Jack is sure to do well.

“Not only has ACG taught me essential leadership skills such as teamwork and positivity, but I’ve learnt to communicate effectively with people of all ages and from all walks of life. These attributes align really well with those valued by society and employers. They’ll ensure a smoother transition when I graduate from high school and will help me stand out from the crowd.”

Jack has loved being an integral part of the leadership team, helping build the student culture and exploring new ideas, safe in the knowledge that teachers are always on hand to offer guidance and support. In fact, he says it’s the special bond between teachers and students that really sets ACG Sunderland apart.

“ACG teachers are not stern lecturers, but friendly guides who are willing to support us both academically and emotionally through our rewarding educational journey.”