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Meet enrolments manager: Linda Storey

Since joining ACG Sunderland in early 2021, Enrolments Manager Linda Storey has quickly become an invaluable part of the Sunderland team, helping students and their families become a part of our school community. 
ACG Sunderland Enrolments Manager Linda Storey

There's a common myth that enrolling your child in an independent school can be quite a challenging undertaking, and many parents may feel slightly daunted at the prospect. However, you'll enjoy a very different experience at ACG schools – we pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable staff and welcoming, inclusive environment.

When you apply to ACG Sunderland, you'll first meet Enrolments Manager Linda Storey. Her role is to support you through the process, answer any questions you may have (no matter how big or small) and ensure your child's transition to our school is as easy and seamless as possible.

Due to her extensive background dealing with the logistics of the event and conference management industry, Linda is an expert at putting people at ease and helping parents navigate the application process. And with her vast organisational skills, she maintains constant contact with all new and prospective families, providing regular updates at each and every stage.

Linda, what attracted you to the enrolments manager role at ACG Sunderland?
The role sounded very intriguing, and I was keen to take the plunge into the education sector, hit the challenges head-on and assist with the growth of the ACG Sunderland community. In addition, being part of a family orientated workplace sounded like a great setting to be spending my working hours.

What values are most important to you in a school?
Integrity, respect, enthusiasm and confidence. At ACG Sunderland, the staff and students all work together to achieve these values and ensure we set and maintain the right atmosphere and culture at our school.

What can people expect when they enquire at ACG Sunderland?
A quick response, service with a smile and all their questions answered. We pride ourselves on exceptional service.

Can you please tell us what the enrolment process involves?
The process is very straightforward; after an initial enquiry, parents submit their child's application online or in person. Then I contact the family to arrange a time for their enrolment interview. This meeting is an excellent way for new students to get to know our principal, Nathan Villars, and vice versa.

After the interview, we issue a Letter of Offer to the family. And this is followed by a Letter of Acceptance once the enrolment fee has been paid.

The family then just wait until closer to the proposed start date, when I will contact them again with all the other relevant information like stationery, textbooks, uniform requirements and orientation day details. It's that simple. 

How do you support new students as they transition into the school?
All incoming students and their families are given a wide range of opportunities to ask questions about the school, our values and our philosophies to reassure everyone that their child will be happy and confident as they study at ACG Sunderland. 

Also, we always buddy up new students with one of their classmates. That way, they immediately feel welcome, have a friendly face to rely on, and can quickly familiarise themselves with the school surroundings and culture.

After almost a year as enrolments manager, what are you enjoying most about the role?
The interaction with the children and their families. They say the cutest things and are very protective of their fellow students, especially the lower Primary years.

What advice would you give parents looking for a school for their child?
Check out ACG Sunderland. All our teachers are specialised in the subjects they teach, we are a friendly, interactive school and always put our children's interests first.

Where can we find you when you are not supporting our ACG Sunderland families?
On our lifestyle property with our dogs and chickens, tending to the gardens and lawns or just relaxing and listening to music – that's if we are not at a concert somewhere.