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Isha opens a new chapter

As a well-deserving recipient of a Top Achiever Scholarship to the University of Auckland, Isha Takyar is incredibly excited to face the challenges of tertiary study in 2022. But for the moment, the new graduate is grateful for the wealth of opportunities and experiences that made her College years so memorable and enabled her to thrive.
ACG Sunderland 2021 Head Girl, Isha Takyar

ACG Sunderland Head Girl Isha Takyar is “on cloud nine” after receiving a $20,000 Top Achiever Scholarship from the University of Auckland.

Awarded to ‘exceptional students who have excellent academic achievement and demonstrated leadership potential’, the scholarship will cover Isha’s first year of accommodation at Waipārūrū Hall and give her an additional $2000 per semester.

“When I first saw the email, I didn’t think it was real – it took a while to sink in,” says Isha.

“Receiving this scholarship means I can stay in the halls, make new friends and create new memories. It allows me to stay closer to campus and will enable me to be part of some amazing events.”

Enrolled to study a Bachelor of Science, specialising in Biomedical Science, Isha was in the enviable position of choosing between Auckland and Otago Universities.

“I also applied for Otago to go into the first year of Health Science and was offered a $6000 Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship. But going to the University of Auckland means I can stay close to home while still getting a quality education. Plus, I like the way their Biomedical Science programme is structured. Going down this pathway will allow me to give back to my community and support them in leading their best life.”

Excited about starting a new chapter, Isha can’t wait to meet new people from different backgrounds and immerse herself fully in university – and student – life. But there’s a lot she’ll miss about ACG Sunderland too.

“Having been at ACG for so long, I’ve made so many memories. I’ll miss the crazy things our class got up to during break times and even during classes!”

And thanks to the bevy of support, advice and guidance provided by her teachers, Isha is confident they will forever remain etched in her memory.

“A definite highlight has been the incredibly supportive teachers, who have always kept pushing me to do my best. Being at ACG Sunderland has helped me develop good study techniques and built my skills and confidence. I’ve learnt lots of lessons along the way from my teachers and all the experiences I’ve had, such as how to balance my workload with my personal wellbeing.”

But the best lesson of all?

“Believe in myself more! I’ve also realised, especially in the past year, that hard work does pay off in the end. Even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time.”