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Exploring New Frontiers in Education

Primary teacher Mehwish Hasan was recently named the first New Zealand ambassador of Quiver Vision, cementing ACG Sunderland’s place as a leader in educational technology and innovative learning.


When it comes to innovation and new methods of learning, ACG Sunderland teachers are blazing a trail – and they have a growing number of accolades to prove it. 

Recently, Primary teacher and computer science curriculum leader Mehwish Hasan was named New Zealand’s first ever Quiver Vision App Ambassador, an honour which will catapult her onto the global stage. 

A highly respected thought leader in educational technology and innovation, Mehwish will now be sharing her knowledge, insights and experience with a much wider audience, inspiring and empowering educators all over the world.

Bringing learning to life through Quiver Vision
Haven’t heard of Quiver Vision? It’s an augmented reality (AR) technology platform that’s creating unforgettable learning experiences for students. Mehwish is a big fan of the app and regularly integrates it into her ACG Sunderland classrooms. 

“Quiver Vision allows children to colour printed pages and, when scanned using the Quiver Vision app, transforms the coloured characters or objects into interactive 3D animations,” she explains. “It makes learning interactive and sparks imagination and creativity in children by bringing their coloured creations to life, providing a unique and captivating way to explore art, storytelling and education.”

The benefits of using Quiver Vision are vast, and Mehwish says improving learning outcomes across reading and numeracy is one of its many drawcards.

“In descriptive writing, it inspires creativity with visual prompts and interactive elements, while in science, it allows students to explore concepts like the respiratory system through colouring and augmented reality representations. Quiver Vision also supports comprehension, engagement, and retention in reading and numeracy by connecting abstract concepts with tangible examples.”

Student with tablet
The Quiver App combines physical colouring with augmented reality technology to create an engaging, educational experience.

Pushing boundaries
Mehwish has a strong background in Telecom engineering and is passionate about integrating technology in unique ways. She ignites curiosity in her classrooms through coding, digital storytelling and interactive projects and is constantly seeking new ideas and technological advancements to  excite her students.

“In my classes, learning becomes a thrilling journey, sparking a lifelong love for computer science and equipping students with the digital skills needed for the modern world. Recognised as a Microsoft Innovative Educator, I continuously push the boundaries of educational technology.”

Her use of Quiver Vision is a stellar example, and now she’s gained not only the attention of her students, but also of other educators.

“Quiver Vision recognised the value of my ideas and expressed their interest in featuring them on their website, providing educators worldwide with the opportunity to benefit from the innovative approaches I’ve implemented using the app.”

The power of Ted-Ed
But acing it in AR isn’t her only claim to fame. In April of this year, Mehwish was selected as the ACG Sunderland Ted-Ed Student Talks programme leader, providing her with access to a year’s worth of free resources to encourage creative thinking and confident speaking among Sunderland’s Primary students.

“This role involves creating a supportive environment for students to share their ideas and build confidence. My goal is to foster an inclusive and collaborative environment where students can enhance their communication skills, broaden their perspectives, and engage in meaningful conversations.”

Ted-Ed Student Talks provide a platform for students to develop essential skills, and Mehwish encourages everyone to get involved by actively participating in school assemblies and dedicated Ted-Ed events.

“Students can reach out to me to share their ideas and express their interest in becoming speakers, and parents can offer support by encouraging their children to take part.”

Primary teacher, Mehwish Hasan
Primary teacher and New Zealand ambassador of Quiver Vision, Mehwish Hasan

ACG educators leading the charge
Whether she’s boosting learning through AR or encouraging students to try public speaking, Mehwish – like all ACG Sunderland teachers - is passionate about providing cutting edge educational experiences.

“Through technologies like Quiver Vision and platforms like TED-Ed Student Talks, we empower our students with the tools they need to excel and become future leaders in their chosen fields. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to our motto: Aspire, Succeed, Respect. We constantly seek ways to enhance the learning experience and prepare our students for success in an ever-changing world.”