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Expertise in online learning

After the outstanding success of our virtual classroom environment earlier this year, ACG Schools was incredibly well placed to lead the way once again as we return to Level 3 Covid-19 restrictions.
Online Expertise

Following the unexpected announcement of school closures which went into effect on 12th August, our knowledge, experience, and expertise have enabled us to seamlessly transition back into the digital space, with guided online lessons beginning the very next day.

Known for delivering excellence in education, over recent months, we have also gained a reputation for the quality of our online schooling programmes. Our teachers have become experts in creating a virtual learning environment, and our dynamic, interactive approach has ensured that even our youngest students are engaged and actively learning.

This level of engagement frees ACG parents from the burdens of guiding home-schooling efforts themselves, and the constant supervision this entails. Instead, ACG schools provide an invaluable opportunity for parents to focus on their workload and commitments, knowing that their children are fully occupied with their lessons.

Our online classes offer a full daily curriculum for all year levels, so parents can be confident that their children don’t miss a moment of their schooling. During the previous lockdown, our students quickly and easily adapted to digital classrooms and enjoyed this new style of school day as their studies proceeded at pace.

The importance of continuous, uninterrupted education is a subject that has been well researched by many experts, and numerous articles have been written about the effect that even a small break in schooling can produce. The costs of missing school can be huge as children not only learn less but also lose the habits and routines of learning. Accordingly, they tend to find it more challenging when returning to the classroom than those students who have maintained their education throughout.

“ACG schools have removed the obstacles that many parents are currently facing as they try to juggle childcare, working from home, and the responsibilities of home-schooling,” explains CEO Clarence van der Wel. “The importance of knowing that your child is in safe and capable hands while their learning continues uninterrupted cannot be overstated.

“I am extremely proud of our schools and the speed and efficiency with which they have been able to respond during these challenging times. Our focus remains on delivering the highest quality education to our students, whether in a virtual or a physical classroom. And thanks to the ongoing support of our parents and the ACG community, we have enjoyed great success in achieving these world-class results.

“From the excellent foundation we implemented earlier this year, we have continued to develop and build our remote learning framework to create something extraordinary.”