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Design in her DNA

Growing up with artistic parents sowed the seeds of creativity for ACG Sunderland’s Brinda Lad – and now the Year 12 student is enjoying success on her own terms, ranking top of her class for design and technology.

“What I love about design and technology is the freedom I have in designing and creating a product, and the fact that the product I’m creating is practical, durable and unique,” says Brinda.

“It brings out your creativity and helps in the development of technology.”

Brinda’s talent is certainly well recognised. In Year 10 she was awarded a Remuera Rotary award for technology, while in Years 9 and 10 she earned first place in both her mid-year and end of year exams. This year she is also ranking top student for the subject.

“I really love drawing and using my hands to create things. Design and technology is great because you can work at your own pace and you learn about both the creative side and the technical side of a product. It’s a subject that is very broad, allowing you to use your imagination and push the boundaries.”

ACG Sunderland provides an outstanding training ground for its passionate design and technology students.

“We get to bring work outside of the class into the classroom and learn not just about graphic products but also fashion and mechanics. It’s a great environment and my classmates, teacher and I all have great relationships. Plus, there are always opportunities for students to get into competitions outside of school which are advertised in the classroom and around campus.”

For Brinda’s two-year AS and A level design and technology course she is developing an architectural model showcasing the exterior and floorplan of a house.

“I created six different designs of houses and floorplans and then I chose the one which best fitted the specifications of my client (my parents). I love the process of testing materials, doing questionnaires, and expanding my knowledge of architectural models.”

This year Brinda is making the model using balsa wood on a cork board base, while next year she is looking forward to adding colour and the external features of the home. The skills and expertise she gains from this project will stand her in excellent stead to pursue her long-term dreams.

“I’m hoping to become an architect or get a job which will influence the world of technology, so I will bring my use of modelling and drawing into this.”

But for now, this talented teen is making the most of everything that’s on offer at ACG Sunderland. As well as immersing herself in all things design and technology-related, she’s involved in the festivals club, ball committee, photography, media committee and sports council, plus she has been an Open Day guide and a class captain multiple times.

“I love coming to school! I’ve got a great group of friends and the teachers are all super supportive – they’re basically by your side throughout the whole journey. The atmosphere at ACG Sunderland is wonderful, the freedom and openness we have allows students to be themselves and achieve their absolute best.”