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Creative Chloe

Sketching, painting and creating clay figurines are among the many passions of the incredibly creative Chloe Zhu.


Since moving from China to New Zealand in January 2020, Chloe’s artistic talents have grown from strength to strength.

“I’ve always been interested in drawing, and my work won some awards back home in China, but I didn’t seriously start learning art until I got to ACG Sunderland,” says the Year 9 student.

“The school’s art programme is very helpful. The teachers genuinely notice your efforts, progress and talent, and I’m becoming a lot more confident in my work.”

The gifted 14-year-old draws much of her inspiration from the school, the people around her and even her science projects.

“Science is lots of fun, especially doing the experiments. Social science is pretty interesting too.”

A brilliant all-rounder, Chloe is also learning photography and the piano and loves all things water-related. She even has her Advanced Open Water dive certificate. But painting is definitely where her heart lies.

“Painting is my favourite because it enables me to express my imagination, my thoughts and feelings easily, and I love all the colour. When I’m painting, I feel relaxed and confident.”

This year Chloe plans to work on her sketching. She is also hoping to be recognised with an artwork award, which will stand her in good stead for 2022 and beyond.

“I’m definitely going to carry on with my art next year, and I’m sure I will go on to study a university course that is art-related.”

In the meantime, though, she is fully embracing all aspects of the Kiwi lifestyle, especially student life at ACG Sunderland.

“The school has helped me a lot in adapting to New Zealand and getting used to studying here. The language courses are highly effective, the teachers are extremely helpful, and I’m getting more and more confident as a non-native English speaking student. I’m so proud to be an ACG student!”

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