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Celebrating a very special nan with Amelia Barnes-Hogan

New Zealand’s National Grandparents Day (Sunday 4th October) is a time to celebrate all the joy and value that grandparents can bring to the lives of Kiwi kids. Whether related by blood, or related by love, the unique connection between grandparents and their grandchildren covers a wealth of kindness, patience, humour, comfort, life-lessons, and most importantly, fun.

Student Amelia Barnes-Hogan and her Nan, Rosemary Barnes

Year 4 student Amelia Barnes-Hogan and her Nan, Rosemary Barnes, love spending time together. Amelia is lucky enough to see her grandmother every day, and the two clearly share a very special bond. For the energetic nine-year-old netball enthusiast, playing games with Nan is one of the best parts of her day, and adding plenty of hugs and cuddles to the mix is the icing on the cake.

What is your favourite thing to do with Nan?
I love to cuddle my nan. I also love playing games with her like practising my netball.

What makes your nan so special, and why do you love her so much?
My nan is so special because she loves me heaps and she is always there to help me when I need her. She also buys me little things that she thinks I will like when she is out, and she cooks yummy food. She has the best hugs to cheer me up when I am sad.

How do you show Nan how important she to you?
I give Nan lots of hugs and I make her cards and notes with lots of hearts on.

What do you think your nan liked to do when she was your age?
Nan used to enjoy playing with her sisters because she has five of them! She also liked to play netball.

If you switched places with Nan, what would you have done today?
I would have done some office work and paid people’s wages and helped my granddaughter with her work and played with her.

If you could get anything in the world, what gift would you like to give your nan?
I would like to give my nan a $5 million winning lotto ticket – she might even get me a horse too – awesome!!