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Celebrating the leaders of tomorrow

A strong academic focus and extensive leadership opportunities have paved the path to success for ACG Sunderland 2019 graduate Inza Kritzinger.

The high-achieving teen was awarded a $6000 scholarship from the University of Otago, in recognition of her outstanding academic results and demonstrated leadership potential. Established by the University in 2005, the Leaders of Tomorrow Scholarship provides a welcome boost as Inza heads down to Dunedin to study Health Science and Medicine.

“Receiving this scholarship means a lot to me, as it gives me the confidence to push myself further through academics and leadership,” she says.

Excited to embark on a new chapter in her learning journey, Inza is looking forward to meeting a new and diverse set of people and building her knowledge of science and anatomy. She believes the five years spent at ACG Sunderland have laid the ideal foundations.

“At ACG I met some amazing people, both teachers and students, who all took the time to get to know me personally. They taught me how to push myself to always keep improving and how to help others do the same.”