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Celebrating the Christmas Spirit

A recent visit to the Royal Heights Rest Home was a lovely way for ACG Sunderland Year 1 and 2 students to engage with a welcoming group of elder locals and begin to connect with the wider community.
rest home visit

This excursion was an exciting event for the school’s youngest scholars and was eagerly anticipated by both students and Royal Heights residents alike.

“I liked visiting the rest home,” says five-year-old student, Lois Cao.

“I liked all of it,” chimes in her fellow classmate, five-year-old Mila West.

The concert was not only a novel and enjoyable experience for the students, but also provided teaching staff with a valuable tool to help instil the school’s values of respect, confidence, enthusiasm, loyalty, determination and service.

The youngers had rehearsed a number of Christmas carols to sing to the residents to celebrate the festive spirit. Their charming performance was delivered with animated delight and encouraged many residents to sing along.

Additionally, the five and six-year-old students had made thoughtful Christmas gifts and cards which they presented to the residents. And to keep the excitement level high, a well-practiced and fun filled balloon game was introduced for them to play with their audience. Amid the giggling and laughter, it was hard to say who enjoyed the experience the most.

“I liked how they played the games with us,” comments five-year-old Chelsea Ataya.

Speaking with the residents offers the children a secure and relaxed way to understand and grow empathy, consideration and thoughtfulness towards others. It encourages them to develop bravery when they encounter new situations and allows the students to improve their communication and relationship building skills as well.

With a focus on listening, conversation and thinking of others, these exchanges also teach the children how to show compassion and kindness.

ACG Sunderland Year 1 Primary Teacher, Mrs Sheba Butler adds “The residents and students had a lovely time together sharing in the Christmas spirit.”

“I think everything was great,” confirms five-year-old Nicole Patterson.