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Cedric’s on top of the world

ACG Sunderland’s Cedric Siriwardana has some big goals for 2021. One of them is to do equally well, or better, in his end-of-year IGCSE exams. No easy task considering as a Year 10 student, Cedric achieved Top in World honours in the 2020 Outstanding Cambridge Learner Awards for IGCSE Combined Science.


“I was definitely surprised with this result,” says Cedric. “I knew I’d achieved quite high, but I never imagined I had done that well. My parents were thrilled. I’d say they were more excited than I was!”

Now in Year 11, Cedric attributes his success to a blend of natural curiosity, hard work and inspirational teaching – a winning combination.

“I’ve always been fascinated with science and how our world works. I’m not sure why. It could be that science answers many of the questions I’ve been forming over my life.

“I studied quite a bit, pouring a lot of time into preparing notes and going through past papers. My teacher Ms Davies was incredibly helpful. She is an incredibly passionate and talented teacher whose teaching methods are impeccable.”

The outstanding result has given Cedric a clear benchmark and fortified his commitment to the year ahead – to achieve great results not just for himself, but for those who have supported him along his journey.

“I’m appreciative of the work and struggle people have made towards helping me throughout my lifetime, particularly my family, friends and teachers. I see my Cambridge IGCSE results as motivation to achieve just as well or better for future exams.”

And he’s already throwing himself wholeheartedly into the new school year.

“I’m enjoying taking computer science, science, design and technology and maths. I play the piano, have joined the cricket team and am excited to hopefully go on camp this year. It’s always a memorable experience.

“I love being an ACG Sunderland student. I like the close-knit environment of being in a small school – it makes for a friendly, welcoming atmosphere where we’re more familiar with our peers than we would be in a larger institution.”

So, what advice does this remarkable 15-year-old have for his fellow IGCSE students?

“Make studying as enjoyable as you can and don’t treat it as a chore. Put sufficient time into studying, but also find time to do things you enjoy to alleviate the stress. Ask for help when you need it and reflect on yourself regularly. Consider what areas you are lacking in and think of ways you can improve.”


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