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Building blocks for the future

A love of Lego could be the launchpad to success for ACG Sunderland’s Joseph Pauling-Munro (Joe).
Joe Pauling Munro

Currently in Year 11, the creative teen has set his sights on becoming a prop designer at Weta Workshop, and interlocking bricks are laying a strong foundation.

“Since getting my first Lego set at the age of six, I’ve been an avid Lego designer. I spend a lot of time making Lego at home as it’s a great way to express myself. I also use it in design and technology at school and am part of the school’s newly founded model club,” says Joe.

Last year’s winner of the Kumeu Rotary Club technology cup and top in the mid-year exams for design and technology this year, Joe has an undeniable aptitude for making things.

“What I enjoy most about design and technology is the manufacturing of the product. The freedom is what really appeals to me – the fact that you can get given a set of instructions and then go off and make whatever you want within those parameters just opens up so many possibilities.”

Currently, as part of a design and technology project, Joe is creating product packaging. However not only is he designing the packaging itself, but he’s taking it to the next level by building his own Lego model for the packaging imagery.

“I started watching Rick and Morty [an animated science fiction/sitcom television series] and decided to build the spaceship from the show. I thought it would be an interesting challenge and something cool to have on my desk. It has taken me two months to make and is the perfect fit for this project.”

The project will contribute to his end-of-year design and technology grade and has been one of the highlights of his 2020 studies. But there’s much more to Joe than design prowess. He also plays badminton, is part of the games club, a member of the school ball committee and associate leader of Whenuapai House. He takes every opportunity to embrace all the school offers and is thriving in such an encouraging and inspiring environment.

“What I enjoy most about ACG Sunderland is the support the teachers give you with learning and all the leadership opportunities. One of my most memorable moments was being picked to be one of two associate leaders for Whenuapai. It was a completely new house so I was involved in coming up with its motto and house chant and developing a culture where everyone felt comfortable. It’s been an unforgettable experience.”