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ACG Sunderland: a great fit

Education is a gift that can never be taken away. That’s why parents will often search long and hard to ensure their children have access to a school that will help them reach their potential. For Georgia Mu’s family, ACG Sunderland was the obvious choice. The school has not only met but exceeded all their requirements, and they couldn’t be more delighted with the way she and sister Victoria are thriving.
ACG Sunderland students Georgia and Victoria Mu with mum (Jane) and dad (Wayne)

When Jane Zeng and Wayne Mu were searching for a school for their daughter Georgia, academic success was their primary consideration. They wanted a high-quality school with a strong academic focus, a place their child would be engaged, inspired, and challenged.

They found all this and more at ACG Sunderland. In fact, since first stepping onto the campus in 2018, Jane says Georgia (8) has gone from strength to strength.

“She found the transition into ACG life very easy, and she is involved in everything, both academically and extracurricularly. That’s exactly what I’d hoped for,” says Jane.

Now in Year 3, Georgia has gained confidence, become more social and enjoyed all the opportunities the school provides for ongoing growth and development.

“There have been so many highlights during her time at ACG, and she especially loved being a class captain. I’ve been particularly impressed with the fact that from an early age, students are taught good study habits and are challenged in the classroom. Georgia’s younger sister Victoria is now in Year 1 at the school, and she’s thriving too.”

While the global pandemic has created its own set of unique challenges, Jane says the school’s online learning programme is efficient and comprehensive. In addition, knowing her children are fully occupied with their lessons allows Jane to focus on her own workload and commitments.

“Not a lot of supervision is required from me. Even over the holidays, the teachers provided a range of activities to keep the children occupied. ACG’s online learning programme definitely provides added support for parents during this difficult time.”

And while Jane admits the girls are both looking forward to returning to school and the recommencement of face-to-face classes, there have been some unexpected benefits to learning from home.

“The virtual classroom is so convenient, and I’m able to oversee what Georgia and Victoria learn each day in class. Seeing them interact with their teachers and peers is a real treat!”

Adds Georgia, “I’ve particularly enjoyed my online maths classes, and it was so much fun when we made a balloon blow up using vinegar and baking soda in science. But I’m really looking forward to getting back to school so I can play with my friends again and get back to face-to-face learning.”