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ACG Schools undeterred by Coronavirus as lessons continue in virtual classrooms

Virtual Learner Boy

As students across New Zealand face cancelled lessons, pupils of ACG Schools have started life in virtual classrooms, with guided online learning beginning today. As a member of Inspired Education Group, ACG Schools can draw upon the technology and e-learning capabilities they have already implemented in response to Covid-19 measures. Currently, Inspired are successfully delivering a ‘virtual school life’ to nearly 25,000 students in 11 countries around the world.

“At Inspired, we set new standards in education not just academically, but also in performing arts and sports. But more than that, our philosophy is to prepare children for life. We have to lead the way and practice what we teach, by preparing and dealing with whatever life presents us. We’re very proud of our great teachers and our ability to draw on the e-learning and technology capability of the group – and of course the amazing support of our parents and students”, said Nadim M Nsouli, Inspired Founder, Chairman & CEO.

Lessons at ACG Schools are currently being delivered interactively via a variety of online programmes, some of which are already a part of Inspired’s innovative approach to learning. This means the transition to a virtual school will be both simple and successful. Students will follow a regular school timetable, attending lessons from Monday to Friday, while teachers deliver a combination of live streamed lessons, video sessions and online assignments.

In a virtual environment, the importance and ease of communication is paramount. Each ACG school has a unique communication plan in place for family communities, staff and students. Parents will be provided with a clear understanding of expectations and direct lines of communication with teachers. Regular contact between students, teachers and classmates will ensure high engagement and focus throughout the new style of school day.

Working hard behind the scenes are the support staff, including IT specialists who are continually monitoring and reviewing the systems to ensure adequate functionality and stability of the programmes, both technically and academically.

“Our top priority is to ensure the quality and continuity of our students’ education,” explains Clarence van der Wel, CEO ACG Schools.

“Our ability to collaborate with the Inspired global educational network has given us an excellent platform on which to build our own virtual school environment. By sharing their combined knowledge and experience we are able to ensure learning for our students will continue uninterrupted.

“The advantages of having access to this type of international expertise have never been more important for our teachers, students and their parents.”