To see if ACG Sunderland is the right fit for your child, they can spend a day with us as a student and experience the school first-hand.

A trial day

The decision to change schools is an important one – being an ACG Student for a Day™ is the best way for prospective students to experience our welcoming and inclusive environment and see what makes us unique.

During our ACG Student for a Day™, your child will experience our school first-hand, by following a personalised timetable. They’ll spend the day in our classes, mix with our students and learn from our specialist teachers.

Become our guest

We invite you to book a place for your child.  Place and let us know their details so we can develop a timetable for them. This will ensure they experience the parts of our school most relevant to their interests and goals.

Fill out the form below and we will be more than happy to arrange a date for your child. 

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