Building enquiring minds

ACG Sunderland Primary School provides a safe, caring and dynamic learning environment. Our curriculum engages students to explore, question, experience and discuss, and is delivered by exceptional teachers, dedicated to fostering each students’ unique abilities. Strong family values and a student centred learning approach ensures students have the support and encouragement they need to grow and thrive.

Academic learning

Students follow the Cambridge Primary programme, a flexible curriculum with integrated assessment for students from five to 11 years old.

The programme provides excellent preparation for students to move successfully from primary school to college, and ensures the academic, sporting and cultural strengths developed at an early age transition seamlessly to each new level.


The curriculum states clear learning objectives in English, Mathematics and Science, with progress throughout the primary years being ‘internationally benchmarked’. This culminates with Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examinations at the end of Year 6.

Lower Primary (Years 0-3)

At age five, children enter Lower Primary. The Lower Primary years aim to develop students’ talents and abilities in a caring, safe and stimulating classroom environment. Enquiry based programmes are offered to excite young minds, laying the foundation for successful future learning.

Upper Primary (Years 4-6)

The focus of the Upper Primary years is to further develop students into becoming independent and confident learners with researching and problem-solving skills.


Children aged three months to five years can grow and develop in the nurturing environment of ACG Sunderland Preschool.



Our holistic approach and focus on academic achievement means your child will be prepared for university study and a bright future.