Stand out anywhere in the world

Throughout our students’ college years we emphasise:

  • A high-quality international curriculum with a clear and measurable assessment system
  • An atmosphere where students enjoy coming to school
  • High involvement in co-curricular activities
  • Opportunities for service and personal development
  • An education of excellence

Select your year level

Lower College: Years 7 - 10

Our broad and balanced curriculum focusses on all essential learning areas.

Foreign Language (Spanish)
Social Sciences
The Arts
Physical Education, Health and Wellbeing
Computer Science


Year 11 - IGCSE Level

Students usually take seven subjects. Year 11 students may also choose AS subjects, provided they meet the entry criteria.

Compulsory subjects:
English Language
English Literature


Optional subjects:
Art & Design
Computer Science
Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Biology
Design & Technology
Physical Education


Year 12 and Year 13 - AS/A Level

Students usually take four subjects a year. Year 12 courses usually consist of all AS subjects. Year 12 students may also choose A2 subjects, provided they meet the entry criteria. Year 13 courses may include either AS or A2 subjects.

Choose one of the compulsory subjects:
English General Paper
English Language
English Literature
Optional subjects:
Art & Design
Business Studies
Classical Studies
Computer Science
Design Technology
Marine Science
Physical Education(AS only)


Success Stories

From academic, artistic and sporting achievement to community involvement, learn more about some of our ACG Sunderland students.

2020 ACG Founders’ Scholarship winner and ACG Sunderland alumnus, David Li

David Li

Winning the 2020 ACG Founders’ Scholarship was a life-changing event for Junheng (David) Li. Now thriving at the University of New South Wales, the ACG Sunderland alumnus has just completed the first year of his Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine (BMed/MD) in Sydney and provides a snapshot of the opportunities, experiences and highlights he enjoyed in 2021.

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