Supporting students to succeed

In order for children to exceed and excel we have a range of support channels to enhance student learning.

Teachers and learning support staff work closely together to identify and make learning more meaningful for students who need more time. Some time can be spent withdrawing students in small groups for specialised support. Time can also be spent alongside students in the classroom helping them get through tasks set directly by the teacher.

It is important we work together with teachers, learning support staff and students to make sure we are helping them the best we can and meeting their individual needs.

Another aspect of learning support is Correspondence School where we work with a third party to set objectives alongside topics learned in class.

Programmes available

The Rainbow Reading Programme has been designed to present students with a variety of topics, authors, styles and illustrations to make reading interesting while their skills are improved. Each story or article has been carefully selected because of its educational value and attraction to a wide range of students with varying needs and interests. Books are levelled; colour coded, and is accompanied by a specially recorded CD to provide support for readers. Cloze (Text Completion), Text Sequencing, Word Search, Writing and Dice Game sheets provide meaningful text-related activities that students might bring home to complete as homework. The advantages of the Rainbow Reading Programme are that the texts are interesting, enjoyable and are selected by the student themselves. In this programme students manage their own learning with guidance from the Teacher Aide.

Our English second language students benefit from a English language lessons which tests each student entering the programme and grades them according to their ability. Then they attend small group sessions and are taught English amongst other learners at their level. They are withdrawn from class three times a week for their ESOL lessons. The children are tested as they progress and move up the ESOL levels.