Settling in

If your family is new to our community, ACG Sunderland offers an orientation programme at all levels to help you and your child settle in to school life.

The settling process for your child will be discussed at your initial interview with the Preschool Manager. A minimum of two transition visits is expected before your child starts so they can get to know the teachers and the environment. On your child’s first day at Preschool we recommend you allow time to settle your child and to familiarise yourself with Preschool procedures. On arrival at the Preschool you will be met by a member of the teaching team, who will assist you with where to put your child’s things and how to sign in and out each day.

Each child in the Preschool is allocated a ‘Primary Caregiver’ or ‘Key Teacher’ for the purposes of providing a safe, secure introduction to the Centre. Our morning programme is structured to allow time for this settling process. We plan a settling time between 8:30am and 9:00am. We ask that by 9.00am everyone is in and settled ready for our Morning meeting which marks the start of our Preschool day. We appreciate everyone’s support in making meeting times as free of interruptions as possible.

Your child’s first day at Preschool is exciting for them, however for many children it is a first experience of care outside the family home. We encourage all parents to discuss with the Preschool Manager the most suitable settling in programme for your child. Your child is welcome to bring a favourite cuddly toy to support them in the settling process.

All new students are buddied up with a classmate. They have an instant friend to look after them, a buddy to play with on the playground and a helper to explain how it works at ACG Sunderland.

All primary staff contact all parents in their classroom or tutor group before the start of each year to hold tutor meetings. This is a 10 to 151minute meeting where goals are set for their child and any concerns or issues are discussed. All staff contact new parents within a couple weeks of starting at ACG Sunderland to ensure transition  proceeds smoothly.

Children beginning in our New Entrant classes and their parents are invited to attend our Transition to Primary information Sessions one afternoon after school. Here can meet both Year 1 teachers and find out what happens in the classroom. A few weeks before the children start they are invited to visit their class for a few hours each day and see what it feels like to start school. This is an exciting time for the children and the class, learning what school is all about.

In Term Two, Year 6 students are invited with their parents to meet the Dean of Year 7 and their Year 7 Form Teacher. This allows the current Primary students to become more familiar with how the College works and expectations for the following year. The Year 6 students meet the College Staff during morning tea time in Term Four. This is an opportunity for the current students to put a face to a name and hear about the exciting programmes awaiting them in the College.


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