School tuition fees

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2021 Tuition fees

Domestic students

Enrolment acceptance fee

If your child receives an offer please pay the non-refundable enrolment fee to reserve their place. For Years 1 to 10, the fee is $1000, and for Years 11 to 13 it’s $500.

You don’t need to pay a fee to register an application, and ACG Sunderland doesn’t charge a building development levy or bond.

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

Years 1 - 2

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$14,690 NZ$14,690
Three Instalments NZ$4,939 per instalment NZ$14,817
Nine Instalments NZ$1,678 per month NZ$15,102


Years 3 - 6

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$16,130 NZ$16,130
Three Instalments NZ$5,423 per instalment NZ$16,269
Nine Instalments NZ$1,842 per month NZ$16,578


Years 7 - 8

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$17,890 NZ$17,890
Three Instalments NZ$6,014 per instalment NZ$18,042
Nine Instalments NZ$2,043 per month NZ$18,387


Years 9 - 10

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$19,725 NZ$19,725
Three Instalments NZ$6,634 per instalment NZ$19,902
Nine Instalments NZ$2,253 per month NZ$20,277


Years 11 to 13

Type Each Payment Total Payment
Annual Fee NZ$20,115 NZ$20,115
Three Instalments NZ$6,764 NZ$20,292
Nine Instalments NZ$2,299 per month NZ$20,691

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International students 2022

Year level Annual fee
Years 1 - 6 (students aged 5 to 10) NZ$23,000
Years 7-13 (students aged 11 and over) NZ$29,200

Administration fees: $1,050

(All fees quoted are in New Zealand dollars and are inclusive of GST.)

Children aged from 3–5 years with 20 hours ECE

Days per week Weekly fee
5 days NZ$217
4 days NZ$165
3 days NZ$108
2 days NZ$72


Children aged 2 years and under

Days per week Weekly fee
5 days NZ$343
4 days NZ$295
3 days NZ$223
2 days NZ$148

Enrolment Acceptance Fee

A $200 enrolment acceptance fee is payable to reserve a place at ACG Sunderland Early Learning School. This fee is non-refundable and must be paid within the time specified in the letter of offer and before a child commences classes. It is additional to tuition fees. The enrolment acceptance fee will be deducted from the ACG Sunderland Primary enrolment acceptance fee when the child transitions. The  enrolment acceptance fee cannot be transferred from one ACG School to another.

Fee Payment Plan

Fees are to be paid fortnightly in advance by direct debit. Fees due from starting at the centre until the standard fortnightly direct debit cycle commences shall be paid in advance by direct credit or credit card.

The benefit of specialist teachers

Being taught by a specialist teacher from an early age has tangible benefits for students.

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Admissions process

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Term dates

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